Fashionable seating area in the Wagnerhof restaurant
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The Wagnerhof at Lake Achensee

Daughters and mother of the Kirchmair family standing in a meadow with cows

At the mountain. At the lake. In the heart.

The refreshing wellness hotel in Pertisau with 47 rooms in total (including 27 suites), that we, three girls, are allowed to run with passion. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Almost the whole year. For you. Always keeping an eye on things so that everything exceeds expectations during laid-back mountain holidays. Your holidays. In the house at Lake Achensee in Tyrol which contains a lot of family.

We, this is the Kirchmair family, aka Wognerer. House of the three girls, as some call it, or the blond chain of three. When they talk about us. Not only behind our backs. We three, mother Andrea and the two “children” Monika and Claudia, are in charge of taking care. Of you, of all your wishes, of a charming holiday. And of course, of the house into which we do not only pack all our energy but above all our heart. Hoping that you will feel it.

Culinary with honest delicacies from our own farm at Lake Achensee
Woman on couch and smiling
Cows in the barn eating hay

Culinary with honest delicacies from our own farm at Lake Achensee

Over there, not very far from the hotel, this is where father and son work. At and in the own farm here in Pertisau. Taking care of the around 100 cows that are still able to breathe fresh air every day, nibbling hearty hay with many herbs on the pasture and are more taken care of by hand and man rather than by the machine. This way the delicious milk, the cheese made from it by ourselves and the beef and veal taste especially good.

How we would describe our culinary pleasures? Above all regional, Austrian cuisine with modern interpretation, but also with an interested glance over the country borders. Awarded with the AMA Gütesiegel seal and the tag

Rooms & suites

Charming, casual living with spa in Pertisau at Lake Achensee

Our hotel stands on a green meadow. In the middle. With quite a lot of green, meadow, flowers and so. Free space, fresh air, colourfulness and space without end. And very many views, of the mountains and of the lake. And despite all this freedom it takes only 5 minutes by foot to reach the charming village centre of Pertisau at Lake Achensee with all its offers.

With love for detail. Charming. And above all spacious, these are our double rooms and suites. Living dreams into which you can immerse yourself. The fragrance that you smell are our beds made of Swiss pine wood. Their health-promoting effect has been scientifically proven - a nice side effect of this local wood.

Lake Achensee. Tyrolean natural jewel. So beautiful.

Oh my, what big words can we tell you about this gem in the Tyrolean mountain worlds, in the Karwendel mountains.

Here it lies invitingly, in summer as well as in winter. On hot days we three girls always have to gamble. Who holds the fort at the hotel. Because of the “reading wishes from the eyes” of our guests who are on vacation here in Pertisau. The one who wins packs not only her seven things, but above all bathing suit and towel. To run down 200-300 metres to Lake Achensee. Simply the perfect location. To the shore. To immerse in this marvellously refreshing water. So crystal clear. Not salty, but safe for drinking.

Oh yes, summer at Lake Achensee. This is where they bustle. The mermaids and sunbathers, the water sportsmen, sailors, surfers, kiters and so on. Set the sails towards the great freedom. Have a blast. And leave us behind with a longing gaze. Work calls again – and we go back to the Wagnerhof hotel.

Family tobogganing with a view of Lake Achensee
Person skiing in deep snow

Winter? At the lake?

Just as jolly as summer. A few degrees less, though. Indoor and outdoor. Ice skaters will dance, try, have fun at the frozen lake. Winter hikers will have the time of their life and cross-country skiers will have to pay attention: the enticing glances toward the lake which will be constantly luring can cause one or the other incident on the track. When the skis get lost without a trace and slip. This is how you will decelerate during your winter holiday in Pertisau which is a quality-proof cross-country ski region by the way.

For the piste racers there will be 58 great piste kilometres in the Karwendel and Rofan mountains. Small, but nice ski region with wide slopes, excellently suitable for families and for leisurely skiers who like to take the skis from time to time. Our location will allow you to access the ski area by the Karwendel mountain cable car only a few minutes away. The children will learn how to ski with Bobo, the penguin, and will have a lot of fun. A winter holiday in Tyrol as it should be.

On the mountain.
By the lake.
In the heart.
View of Pertisau and Lake Achensee

The Wagnerhof at Lake Achensee.

The refreshing well-being hotel that we are passionately running as a three-wheeler. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Almost the whole year. For you. And we are making sure that everything fits for a smooth mountainous holiday. Your holiday. In the house at the Tyrolean Achensee, where there is a lot of family inside.

Paradise conditions when it comes to wellness at the Wagnerhof.

From people who are simply doing well.

Woman on couch and smiling
Relax &
tune out

How nice when wellness lovers are made to purr just as much during saunas, infusions, rests and breaks as the steam chatterers who bravely expose themselves to the hot steam baths with relish. And afterwards, perhaps, to be freed from the exertions of the day - we only say uphill, downhill, in summer and winter - by well-knowing hands. With massages that truly get under your skin.

Time out and rest in light-flooded relaxation zones? Enjoy the space and the warmth in the infinity pool? Our spa has quite a bit going for it. Because you deserve it. "Quiet & Secret" is our name for our new and chic spa retreat outside in the garden. Once again in the green. With an infinity pool, indoor and outdoor pool, sauna world, fitness room, quiet comfort zones. Would you like to sneak a peek? Please delve deeper by clicking on the following link to see, read and feel even more. Have fun.