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Culinary in Tyrol
– great pleasures
at Lake Achensee

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Good food and drinks in Pertisau

Consequently regional & organic – know where it comes from

Now we will talk about the sausage. But not only it. At this point. But rather about the quality which on the one hand is important in sustainable thinking and doing and on the other hand will make every, really every, dish more tasteful and healthy than something comparable from the can or the sachet. Which we wouldn’t even touch.

But what we do use is subject to the 3 main principles according to which we align our culinary life at the Wagnerhof hotel. And are striving every day to act and live according to them whenever possible.

Fashionable seating area in the Wagnerhof restaurant

First: Organic products from our own farm.

We have the great privilege to count 100 happy ruminants to our loyal employees. The family-run farm provides us with fresh milk, own cheese and high-quality beef.

Second: We do not only support your good taste by buying regional products, but also the basis of income of our local farmers for whom life isn’t always easy.

Third: Carrying the AMA Gütesiegel seal is the condition for our esteemed deliverers that their products are granted entry to our kitchen and storerooms.

So much for the theory, please excuse us if we have gone into depth here in a somewhat “sterile” manner. But when it comes to animal welfare, to organic, to honest products and regionality, then we try to give these important elements the appropriate space. We hope that this is in your interest.

And in practice? Far too difficult to describe. Inviting breakfast buffets with many regional components and 5-course evening menus will accompany your culinary holidays in Tyrol. Learn more about what will await you every day at the restaurant at the Wagnerhof.

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