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So nice to be beautiful. So me.

Time-out for yourself!

Bright look or gentle indulgence programme

What could be more beautiful than relaxing in a nice spa hotel in the holidays, treat your body to a well-deserved regenerative timeout and take a conscious break just for yourself: No matter if you treat yourself to a relaxing massage or beauty treatment with Vinoble [c]lean luxury products – forget about time for a little while and let the hectic of everyday life behind you!

Knead me, please!

Your muscles will thank you, especially when they were challenged before: On the mountain, on the bike, at the rock, in the gym. Our pleasant massages are made to feel you fully relaxed. In addition to classic massages, we will also offer you special energetic massages and treatments such as shiatsu or reiki.

Wellness with massages in Tyrol

Take your time for your favourite massage and enjoy pampering caresses with pleasantly fragrant essential oils or with our unique Tyrolean rock oil and let every day’s stress behind you. Our perfectly trained masseurs will find every tension and release it with finesse. With every touch you will relax more and more and immerse deeper into the cosy realm of regeneration.

Afterwards you will relax especially well on the comfortable loungers in the spa area or in our spacious garden in your spa holidays in Pertisau. Read your favourite book or enjoy the splendid panoramic view of the surrounding Karwendel mountains. Comfortably wrapped in a cuddly bathrobe you can let your soul truly relax and enjoy an exclusive timeout for yourself.

No matter if you want to spend your holidays with wellness in Pertisau with your partner or with the whole family – the Wagnerhof is your perfect hotel to relax and to feel good or for an active holiday with hiking in the Karwendel mountains, biking at lake Achensee, cross-country skiing at lake Achensee or skiing in Pertisau.


Our massages and treatments

Facial treatment Vinoble Cosmetics: 60 min. € 90.00

Lots of fresh, clear air, expert hands,acquired knowledge. Combined with the best ingredients, the natural care products of Vinoble Cosmetics. Our honest recipe for your skin.

  • Ritual
  • cleansing
  • peeling
  • facial massage with serum or cleansing
  • cream mask of your choice: antioxidant or regenerating
  • final care

Facial treatment Vinoble Cosmetics: 80 min. € 110.00

This facial treatment is ideal for all skin types and offers intensive deep cleansing that clarifies your skin down to the core without stripping it of moisture or natural oils. Pores appear refined, the tissue is purified and the skin is ideally prepared for the active ingredient care. Experience deep cleansing of the skin for a visibly fresh, purified and even complexion.

Full body intensive massage: 50 min. € 75.00

Partial massage: 25 min. € 38.00

Reflexology: 40 min. € 60.00

Honey ritual: 50 min. € 75.00


25 min. honey massage 

Bring your body's energies back into balance. Although it has a primarily detoxifying effect, it belongs to the wellness and relaxation massages. Massage with honey is therefore beneficial for the body, mind and soul.

It can also help with ailments such as:

  • Tensions
  • Rheumatism
  • Digestive problems
  • Chronic cold
  • Sinusitis
  • Headache
  • Mycosis
  • Allergies
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depressions
  • Nervous disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Arthrosis

Afterwards, you will get a relaxing honey-milk bath

Combination massage foot and calves: 50 min. € 75.00

Combination massage

The perfect combination of a foot treatment and a back massage. Feel how the foot treatment relieves your whole body and enjoy a classic back massage afterwards.

Lomi Lomi: 80 min. € 120.00

A relaxation treatment that can have a positive influence on your general state of health; reduction of stress, release of more power & energy, relaxation and inner serenity, better sleep quality, active lymph flow and a lot more

Sport & Vitality Body Wrap € 41.00


Invigorating and activating! The power of the active ingredient complex of arnica and St. John's wort improves blood circulation and keeps the muscles supple. Tired joints experience new strength and the performance of your muscles is increased.

A vitalising heat experience for athletes and active people!


  • Invigorating and activating
  • Activates and loosens the muscles
  • Improves performance
  • Keeps the muscles supple
  • Pack for the active guest / athlete
  • Vitalising heat experience


  • Ideal for men and women
  • For sports and exercise lovers
  • For hikers
  • Ideal before and after sporting activities

Skin Repair Anti Aging Body Wrap € 41.00


Pure regeneration and care! The concentrated power of grapes and sea buckthorn revitalise the tissue and support cell renewal. Intensive care of the skin for a youthful appearance and a pleasantly silky feeling of well-being.


  • Tonifies and invigorates the tissue
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Anti-age effect for the whole body
  • For a youthful, well-groomed appearance
  • Full body wrap


  • For people with mature, demanding skin

Moisturizing Body Wrap € 41.00


Treat your skin to a sensuously fruity beauty bath with apple and rosehip.

Apple extract is rich in vitamins, minerals, pectins and waxes - the ideal active ingredients for the care of demanding skin. In combination with the precious rosehip, the well-being of your skin is particularly promoted and moisture loss is reduced. Your skin appears smoother and plumper. An application for optimal moisturising of your skin and a velvety-silky skin feeling.

For sun worshippers and sauna lovers.


  • Intensive moisturisation of the skin
  • For a well-groomed, velvety-silky skin feeling
  • Ideal for use after intensive sun exposure
  • Ideal for use after a Finnish sauna


  • For people with dry, dehydrated skin

Mind Relaxing Aroma Massage € 78.00


Conscious touch for body and mind. A relaxing massage that has a calming effect on the physical and mental levels. The scent of selected organic aromatic oils and the gentle massage technique touch holistically. A multi-sensory application that balances your muscles and caresses the soul. Effective and traditional!


  • Relaxation for body and mind
  • Unique fragrance experience with aromatic oils
  • Caressing for special moments
  • Be deeply touched
  • A multi-sensory treatment


  • The wellness classic for everyone
  • An ideal gift

Pedicure without polish: 50 min. € 65.00

Pedicure with polish: 50 min. € 73.00

Pedicure with CND Shelllack: 60 min. € 80.00

Quick manicure: 30 min. € 35.00

Manicure - without paint: 50 min. € 60.00

Manicure - basic care with paint: 50 min. € 68.00

Manicure with Striplac: 60 min. € 75.00

Preparations for your massages:
  • Take your time: In order to enjoy your massage or treatment in a quiet state we ask you to show up 5-10 minutes before your massage begins.
  • Clothes make the man: But not during a massage – we recommend you to come to your spa treatment already in your bathrobe and slippers (both can be found in your spa bag).
  • Timing is everything: To be able to offer you the desired massage at your desired date we ask you to let us know your wishes already when you book.

Are you already longing for the relaxing treatments? Then start your wellness holiday at Lake Achensee now - we are already looking forward to your enquiry.

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