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Rooms & Suites in Pertisau

Hotel rooms at the hotel Wagnerhof at Lake Achensee

You surely know this.

From the search for a flat – if you tour from one to the next until… it clicks. When you come in, when it simply feels right, when there are no more question marks above your head, when you simply know: This is it.

Why we write these lines?

Because many of our dear first guests always tell us about comparable experiences when they recount their first moment in our rooms. It is then just so often there. This feeling that it is right. That it fits, it simply feels good. Without knowing exactly why and how. Gut feeling. Nice, when the head can finally switch off.

Maybe it is the view of the Karwendel mountains or down to the lake. Maybe it is the generosity with which the rooms and suites present themselves. The love for detail? The brightness of the rooms. Or the fit of the high-quality mattresses after all, when you fall into the beds? We don’t know. Probably it is the harmonious combination of many things. That simply fit. Say the guests. Thank you for it.

PS: You have surely heard about the extraordinary traits of Swiss pine wood: it slows down the pulse, thus makes your sleep deeper and a lot more. Maybe enough reason to try our organic Swiss pine wood beds. Sleep well.

Rooms & Suites